1What if I’m new to fitness?
1MR is great for people of all fitness levels. Whether it’s your first day working out or you’re a life-long gym rat, we have a program for you. Our instructors are able to meet you where you’re at and guide you through the classes at a pace and level suitable for your needs and fitness goals. (link to all levels)
2Is 1Mr for beginners?
Whether you are new to muay thai/boxing or have been competing for some time, you are at the right place! We accommodate classes to all levels. Our instructors are trained to read the room and provide modifications, variations and one on one attention to all members of the class - accommodating all fitness levels! Remember, there are many benefits to being a beginner! (sync link to beginners paragraph to word beginner)
3Is this program good for weight loss?
Absolutely! You can surely lose your desired weight with our program. Weight loss depends on many factors like: fitness level, age, gender, height, weight, genetics, diet and lifestyle. Not only do we provide you with the fitness tools and skills to achieve optimal weight, but mental strategies to maintain motivation and willpower. 1MR is a high-intensity cardio based workout - perfect for weight loss!
4What do I learn?
You will be learning the art of Muay Thai and Boxing, along with a new and improved relationship with your body. You will learn the fundamentals of upper and lower body techniques, footwork, guard, defence and more! You will also learn how to track your progress via training zones with your performance tracker.link to tracker.
5What are the benefits?
Benefits include weight loss, increased fitness level, boosted endurance, increased strength, power, technique, improved hand-eye coordination, enhanced mood and more! 1MR members become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to maintain motivation and achieve success.
6How many classes should I take?
3 classes a week is recommended. Using momentum on your side, you’ll notice your progress speed up and your fitness/body changing rapidly!
7Will I get hurt?
Absolutely not. We have several different styles of classes to suit everyone’s goals. We have classes ranging from exercise to bag work to contact drills. What that means, is you can choose the classes that are appropriate for your goals. Our bag work classes are an awesome opportunity to GET FIT WITHOUT GETTING HIT! While there is always risk of injury while partaking in physical activity, our bag work classes present no more danger or risk than a typical fitness class.
8What if I want to compete?
Those interested in pursuing the competitive level will graduate to a regional 1MR Fight Centre. Once excelling in Muay Thai or Boxing at 1MR, those who are ready to advance will be approached by one of our owners, Jordan, for next steps. Further training at the competitive level will be housed at our regional fight headquarters 1MR Fight Centre. 
9What if I don’t want to be a fighter?
Our program is designed to help you train like a fighter, which means: pushing your boundaries, increasing your capabilities, challenging barriers, believing in yourself and achieving your goals! Being a fighter is not just about competition, it’s about mindset, lifestyle and confidence. Our mission is to empower each and every one of our members to become the best version of themselves and watch their bodies transform both stronger and healthier.
10What’s the youngest you can start?
Our kids program starts from ages (3/7) - 12! Kids will be learning a combination of Boxing and Muay Thai in their all-levels classes. Martial arts emphasize important life skills such as respect, discipline, active-listening/effective communication and perseverance. These life skills are vital for healthy and successful development, cultivating a foundation for optimal social, athletic, and academic development. The earlier, the better!
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